Desidrawer  is a carefully curated rental platform that brings women the opportunity to rent their wardrobe from the creative excellence of India’s most desired designers as well as the vibrant energy of bright young talent all on a rental basis.

Desidrawer is revolutionizing the Indian fashion industry by allowing women to rent luxury Indian apparel & accessories within the United States. Desidrawer focuses on convenience and a personal customer experience on their online platform. With styles from numerous top and emerging designers, Desidrawer serves as a powerful marketing channel for the fashion industry, introducing women to brands and styles that they had limited access to before.

The allure of no ownership is moving beyond housing and cars. High end fashion is now one of the biggest rental industries on the rise. It’s about giving women the choice to experience and experiment with fashion in a way that suits both their budgets and their lifestyles.

Customers have the ability to rent Desidrawer’s luxury pieces for a 4 or 8 day rental period for as little as 10-15% of the retail price. Desidrawer carries apparel in sizes small, medium, and large. Minor alterations are made by our in-house highly skilled tailors to achieve a well fit. Desidrawer provides customers with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label to return all rental pieces. Rental prices include the cleaning and care of all apparel & accessories.

100% Authentic Brands
Clean and Sanitized
Custom Fitted
Curated Collection

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