What kind of attire can I list?

You can list ethnic wear attire retailed $400 +
The revenue is shared 50:50 between you and DesiDrawer
The earnings will be deposited electronically in your bank account
You will be paid on a monthly basis based upon the orders served in the last month
Your attire will be kept with utmost care in suit bags 24x7 at our warehouse. We use the best cleaning methods to keep your outfits good as new after each rental
12 months
If the damage is repairable, we will repair the outfit. If the damage is not repairable or if the outfit/a component of the outfit is lost, we will compensate you 100%
All shipping costs will be covered by DesiDrawer once your attire has been delivered to our warehouse

How It Works


Submit the Form

Fill in & submit the form provided below. We will review the details provided and accept your application if we think there will be demand for your outfit. You will receive a confirmation email within 2-3 business days.

Ship & Quality Check

If you receive an acceptance email please sign the contact & follow the shipping instructions provided in the email. Once we receive your shipment, we will conduct a thorough quality & authenticity check.


Ready to Take Orders

Your outfit will go live on the DesiDrawer website & is now ready to take orders. You will be provide with a personalized DesiDrawer dashboard to track bookings & monitor performance.

Get Paid

Once your outfit starts serving orders, you will start generating an earning. Earnings will be deposited electronically in your bank account. Track your earnings on your personalized dashboard.


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