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Authenticity is a big deal to us. We respect our designers and their rights, we know our reputation relies on it. So we're very careful to make sure that each piece goes through a rigorous multi-point inspection before we offer it to members, and we inspect it again each time it is returned to make sure it hasn't been tampered with. If at any point we are unsure, it comes out of rotation.

So if a piece says Sabyasachi, it means Sabyasachi.

We like to keep it real. In fact, we swear by it.


We put a lot of care and consideration into each and every piece we add to our collection, and we have extremely high standards. Our criteria includes everything from considering current fashion editorials to our own taste, with special attention paid to our members' preferences and requests.

Wish we carried something? Email us and let us know.


Most of our pieces are new and look that way too. But we also carry an amazing collection of consignment luxury clothing, which include some of the most iconic designs from decades past.

We are as transparent as possible with regards to the condition of our jewelry and clothing. When necessary, we'll even re-shoot a piece to show its most current condition. We have collaborated with jewelers and tailors who can work magic, so if a piece can be refurbished, we'll do it. For instance, if the metal on a piece becomes scratched, we'll re-plate it, or if it's missing a small stone or part, we'll replace it.


Before a piece is sent out, it goes through a thorough cleaning process. Earrings in particular are given special attention—posts are completely sanitized between each wear.

Every piece is cared for differently depending on its composition, and our techniques include state-of-the-art steamers and special jewelry cleansers.

We do our best to use the safest, healthiest, least abrasive cleansers that are easy on the jewelry/clothing and easy on the skin.

Damages and losses

We trust that you will take good care of your DesiDrawer jewelry and clothing. But we get it, sometimes things happen...

Built in insurance covers minor dings, scratches, and stains. We call this "normal wear and tear."

What we don’t charge for:

  • Minor dings and scratches to metal and plating
  • Loss of non-precious, smaller stones, such as rhinestones or beads
  • Broken chain or clasp
  • Lost earring back
  • Minor stains – lipstick stains

If a piece is damaged to the point that it would be impossible to refurbish or repair, we will have to charge for it. And if that's the case, we'll let you keep the piece.

What we do charge for:

  • Chipped, cracked, or severely scratched enamel
  • Loss of precious or bigger stones such as pearls, main accents, or diamonds
  • Irreparable rips or unremovable stains to fabric

More questions? View our FAQ page or contact us directly.

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